Monday, January 16, 2017

My Book Influences and the passion by reading

Hello blogsphere, AB here. This post Im gonna telling you about my Book influences, my favorite authors, the genre that I like the most and a little about my history with lecture and digital reading.

Are around 3 am now while I write this post. I launched few minutes ago (exclusively) on Niume my 7th post (4th in Photography) titled Inception 2. In case you missed the connection till the second unity the Inception part One is here.

So, I got this idea to speak about my book influences for the people who wants to know me better. Since then young I'm truly fan of books. My childhood was illustrated by amazing and big books.

Many of these were of History, a huge passion by the Past, discover the things and great names. Another theme that I always liked was Geography, maps, travels, places... LOVE! 

Younger I pick up the world map, the Atlas, started to remember each country and each capital; including the flags colors. The time passed and the Geopolitics has changed many things from that old information. 

This passion leaded me later (precisely the last years) for the intense Language studies. This part came with ebooks and I believe are valid to include in this post.

Strong influences

Gonna show you a cool list. These are my book influences:

  • Angels & Demons, Dan Brown
  • The DaVinci Code, Dan Brown
  • The Secret, Rhonda Byrne
  • The Power, Rhonda Byrne
  • The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho
  • Harry Potter Saga, J.K. Rowling

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