Saturday, September 17, 2016

Introducing FSPN Sports Brazil

Official Note 8Sparks Group
September 17th, 2016 - Praia Grande, Brazil.


FSPN Brasil Esportes

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Hello dear friends, mainly friends from the Kred network because I believe you will love this Official note. FSPN Sports Brazil has born, now listed at Empire.Kred/FSPNBR. Go, invest! But first...

Let me introduce what is FSPNBR.

FSPN is Footsparks Sports Programming Network created merging Futpraia, Futplaya, +Whataheal Sports and more pages. Later FSPN concept started but using Futpraia in the place of Footsparks. The change came after the bankruptcy of Futpraia together with the tsu Social Network going dark in August 2016.

FSPN Brazil will cover all the sports in Brazil and will work in an international edition (in Portuguese) which connects directly with FSPN other countries/regions. FSPN it's something that I dream, other people dream with me, the dream get stronger. 

If you believe together with me, this is our dream. I ask your attention to buy the Shares of FSPNBR and become a Shareholder. 

Adding my ask, I would be happy to have an additional support to make FSPNBR stronger and give better returns for you; please support the Social Media Channels that will be connected with EmpireKred -- make FSPN *maybe not the Brazilian edition, but the upcoming FSPN world edition* // your main Sporting source.

// Updated

Current (e)FSPNBR: 11.17e per share.

Thank you very much.

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