Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Introducing Footsparks Sports

Hello Super Sporting nation.

Today, me +Alex Biöndo will be introducing for you the FOOTSPARKS SPORTS.

What is Footsparks?

Footsparks is a sporting company that born in a feeling to keep the tsu @Futpraia's legacy. Futpraia Sports started as a management athlete & sporting league plus beach soccer channel. The investments made on Futpraia had returns focused in 4-5 years. The destiny turn down all the Futpraia equities but this is normal in the business world.

Footsparks came to reorganize Futpraia's network and also expand it bringing back to the life. Footsparks Sports will be operating on Twitter @footsparks and now the holding @futpraia will stay active. Footsparks also brings the FSPN sporting media.

Support (e)FOOTSPARKS buying virtual shares 

Footsparks it's launched at Empire Kred. 

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