Monday, September 19, 2016



September 19th, 2016
It's looking for another you that we can make our heavier efforts in life. Sometimes sinking deep inside our shadows looking around and not finding nothing. Well, the flame we need to see we also need to ignite it.
Inside to Outside.
One spark needed, believe.
In the dark you open your eyes and see the impossible, you need to feel and when you feel ... you can create, bring this vision from your mind and your heart and transform into something tangible. We all have this beautiful power.
The spark of the creation. The power of the creation.
When we dream together, gets stronger. When people aren't seeing what you see, but they trust in you, they believe in you, they close their eyes to imagine with you. This spark becomes an explosion. 
To reach this explosion needs time because the daily winds are present and sometimes are strong, sometimes weak. Needs patient. Needs trust and faith. If you keep seeing, believing, feeling... it's all the you need...

Author: Alex Biondo
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