Thursday, September 22, 2016

Chinese Data Tracking

Uma chinesa veio pra cima reclamar da minha postura estratégica com a SB como se eu prestasse serviço público. também deu um tratamento intimidador, eu ignorei completamente a posição dela e patamar de poder, tratei sob o mesmo nível e ela ficou caladinha. Retornou com informações minhas. Data tracking de todos os projetos.. quem ficou calado foi eu.

a chinesa é presidente de uma startup que tem porção gigantesca investida na BTC China. somos observados o tempo todo. eu já percebi que o lance de obstáculo estava muito estranho. discarado demais, muito pessoal e incisivo. diria até conspiratório. O olho tudo vê e tudo controla.

eu lembro do filme A Rede Social, o personagem do Timberlake fica louco, diz as mesmas coisas, privacidade, etc. Lembro do filme Matrix. também lembro que eu não tentava mudar coisas tão importantes.. era só o lápis de cor, a conta de matemática, o pneu da bicicleta, o machucado no joelho do skate..

Featuring the Bitcoin Company HashFast

Today the +StartupBitcoin presents the HashFast, a bitcoin company focused in Hardware for Bitcoin Mining.
Check more: StartupBitcoin on Twitter | |

The image is embedded by the amazing Fliiby service which links to the SB Article + the presentation Video of HashFast. Check out!

Monday, September 19, 2016



September 19th, 2016
It's looking for another you that we can make our heavier efforts in life. Sometimes sinking deep inside our shadows looking around and not finding nothing. Well, the flame we need to see we also need to ignite it.
Inside to Outside.
One spark needed, believe.
In the dark you open your eyes and see the impossible, you need to feel and when you feel ... you can create, bring this vision from your mind and your heart and transform into something tangible. We all have this beautiful power.
The spark of the creation. The power of the creation.
When we dream together, gets stronger. When people aren't seeing what you see, but they trust in you, they believe in you, they close their eyes to imagine with you. This spark becomes an explosion. 
To reach this explosion needs time because the daily winds are present and sometimes are strong, sometimes weak. Needs patient. Needs trust and faith. If you keep seeing, believing, feeling... it's all the you need...

Author: Alex Biondo
Support at Steemit: Biggest Investors of Alex (e)BIONDO

Empire Kred Alex Biondo

Biggest Investors of Alex Biondo

The list shows the Empire Kred investors who holds more shares at (e)BIONDO stock shares. This profile holds the following networks anchored which these investors has Kred dividends:

SHARES AMMOUNT: 7,600 Shares each one below:

Sir Rudiger Esquirel

Alex Biondo joins Steemit

September 19th, 2016

Hello world,
Few weeks ago I've joined the Steemit ( -- I want to let you know that my Official profile there is @biondo --

This post is for Verification of Identity's purpose.
Follow me there. See you!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Introducing FSPN Sports Brazil

Official Note 8Sparks Group
September 17th, 2016 - Praia Grande, Brazil.


FSPN Brasil Esportes

Zero Shares Outstanding
Hello dear friends, mainly friends from the Kred network because I believe you will love this Official note. FSPN Sports Brazil has born, now listed at Empire.Kred/FSPNBR. Go, invest! But first...

Let me introduce what is FSPNBR.

FSPN is Footsparks Sports Programming Network created merging Futpraia, Futplaya, +Whataheal Sports and more pages. Later FSPN concept started but using Futpraia in the place of Footsparks. The change came after the bankruptcy of Futpraia together with the tsu Social Network going dark in August 2016.

FSPN Brazil will cover all the sports in Brazil and will work in an international edition (in Portuguese) which connects directly with FSPN other countries/regions. FSPN it's something that I dream, other people dream with me, the dream get stronger. 

If you believe together with me, this is our dream. I ask your attention to buy the Shares of FSPNBR and become a Shareholder. 

Adding my ask, I would be happy to have an additional support to make FSPNBR stronger and give better returns for you; please support the Social Media Channels that will be connected with EmpireKred -- make FSPN *maybe not the Brazilian edition, but the upcoming FSPN world edition* // your main Sporting source.

// Updated

Current (e)FSPNBR: 11.17e per share.

Thank you very much.

Friday, September 16, 2016

ALEXBIONDO Good morning, Sept. 16th, 2K16.

Hi people. Good morning everyone, today I've woke up early and I feel was a right thing to do, its working all the things I am doing with passion, focus, objetive, leadearship ...  but would be impossible without the help of many fans, friends, followers, many you. Without your help would be like never could happen. So, thanks, thank you very much. 


Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Instagram post: Alex Biondo Twitter Screen

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Uma foto publicada por Alex Biondo (@biondosparks) em

My Love Has Come by Meresha

My Love Has Come by Meresha
Music. Wonderful song by my beautiful and talented friend.

Song also added into the Futpraia Summer Spotify List

(e)MERESHA Kred it's available on Biondo portfolio.
Invest & Support her.

Alex Biondo Remixes

YouTube Playlist organizing the Alex Biondo's Remixes
Music. enjoy ! ab

Spotify: Futpraia Summer Playlist

This playlist created on Spotify is called Futpraia Summer
Music | Are you ready?

ALEX BIONDO - Proudly Journey (tsu)

Alex Biondo - Proudly Journey

Monday, September 12, 2016

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Introducing Footsparks Sports

Hello Super Sporting nation.

Today, me +Alex Biöndo will be introducing for you the FOOTSPARKS SPORTS.

What is Footsparks?

Footsparks is a sporting company that born in a feeling to keep the tsu @Futpraia's legacy. Futpraia Sports started as a management athlete & sporting league plus beach soccer channel. The investments made on Futpraia had returns focused in 4-5 years. The destiny turn down all the Futpraia equities but this is normal in the business world.

Footsparks came to reorganize Futpraia's network and also expand it bringing back to the life. Footsparks Sports will be operating on Twitter @footsparks and now the holding @futpraia will stay active. Footsparks also brings the FSPN sporting media.

Support (e)FOOTSPARKS buying virtual shares 

Footsparks it's launched at Empire Kred. 

Sunday, September 4, 2016

What you still need to know...

is this...

The Alchemist.


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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Alex Biondo New Twitter Link

Written by ABCircles posted at
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Alex Biondo New Twitter Link 

The website will feature a new link directing to the official profile of Alex on Twitter. 

An idea to let the word "tweet" as subdomain has the objetive to approach the audience with Alex, really create a thought on fans and followers like "Tweet to Alex".

Late night seeing September with new risks, sparks and horizons.

Written by Alex Biondo posted at
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September 2nd, 2016 -- PRAIA GRANDE

Late night seeing September with new risks, sparks and horizons. Futpraia converges into Footsparks / Beondo converges into Beosparks In purpose to keep the same attitude with charities in maintain daily donations (at the best moment this happened supporting 52 different daily) this will only be executed when these projects get stronger and I really believe this will happen. Am confident.

Official Report from ALEXBIONDOMUSIC Twitter Audience

Hi social media friends.

This post is dedicated to open the main stats about my Twitter account @alexbiondomusic. I am 7 years old of Twitter account I already had a better moment in followers btw the engagement moment its really the best ever.

But before to start I make an announce. This week will be opened a page in my website, called FOLLOW. This page will index all my social media links directly to my profiles. The address will be accessed by -- in case you forget some from my social digital homes u always can visit !

So, lets go!




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