Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Joined Rabadaba app

Hi, AB here.

Today I've joined Rabadaba app, social network from the same business model than tsu. I am excited to share this with you. Actually, joined few hours ago.

Opening stats, financial development and more inforrmation here via blog. I don't know how Works well, still exploring and finding my tsu friends there.

So. Day 1 of Rabadaba.
My profile:

Print mixing first posts, redabs (La Simo, Andrea Vitale, Bernardo Botelho, David Flynn..)

Homepage of Profile. Also redab's of Alex Daniel with Sebastian Sobczak, Newdo and La Simo.

Spreading the word on Twitter

The earnings already started to appear.
Are +$0,0912 / In Brazilian currency  +R$0,28  / Royalties Day 1
Current 15 followers

New Update
Hello again, now good afternoon -- Well, I bring some cool info.

Rabadaba brought a new record. I am still on the day 1 of Rabadaba, half day to be more exact.
Are 88 followers (the best social media START debut ever)

The earnings from the first hours was: +$0.0912 / In Brazilian currency  +R$0,28 
Updating the Earnings now: +$0.5008 / In Brazilian currency  +R$1,57 

The volume of notifications reached 800+
That's a good start.

Final Update for the Day1
Hi everyone. Have big news about the Rabadaba experience.
Remember that you can only post Original Content, all the content you must to have Ownership.
Closing the #Day1 on Rabadaba app I have the following results:

Earnings: +$0.88 / In Brazilian currency  +R$2,75 
Are 129 followers now. My best social media debut ever.
You can follow my Hashtag on Rabadaba: #alexbiondo has 122 Dabs
Total of Dabs: 285

I believe its a conjuncture of philosophy about what I call of the New Social Media Age, a consciouss that already came from tsu and inspired the sense of union and help each other. This is great for the world. A big impact of transformation. 

The tsunami is beyond any of these platforms because people are keeping in touch, together.

My experience on Rabadaba I can consider its Excellent.
Alex Biondo

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