Monday, May 22, 2017

Language Study & Development

Language Study & Development

Whats up guys, I had idea of a post speaking of my language studies. I am current learning simultaneously many different languages and here I will let marked my progress.

If you want to practice with me will then be a pleasure!
Using DUOLINGO for most exercises and activities.


  • English Level 6 
  • Learning in Portuguese to English
  • Fluency of 29%
  • Updated date: May 22nd, 2017

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Tarot Reading #5 -- May 4th


Tarot Reading #4 -- May 4th

Be willing to sacrifice some individuality to the uncommon role you are destined to play.
The Hierophant in this position suggests that when you are performing sacred roles, you cannot afford to indulge much personal whimsy or attitude. The dignity of the office is such that it dominates your personality.

You aren't required to hold up this set of standards twenty-four hours a day, but you must appreciate how important your integrity is to your community. You can't hand the responsibility off to someone else if it's inconvenient. Until the greater need is served, your personal need must be shelved. This is not bad; it's simple necessity. In this way you return the blessings you have received.

Tarot Reading #3 AB -- May 4th

Let your light shine. Be confident in the sacred power of your original nature.
The Sun card advises you to have confidence in your natural divinity. Throw off any cultural conditioning that keeps you from being authentic with yourself. Step into the full light of truth and reveal your motives and principles. Once done, you will no longer give away power to the people that criticize and shame you. Focus on the positive and the real. Your authentic shining self can be a light for others if you project it without contrivance.

Tarot Reading AB #2 -- May 4th

Empower yourself and others, so setbacks are not so overwhelming.
The Eight of Cups in this position challenges you to outgrow 'victim consciousness.' In order to empower others who have been hurt (or parts of yourself), it's necessary to take responsibility and to become more assertive. Learn to look out for yourself.

We all have a vulnerable side that can be intimidated. In the best of all worlds we would not get bruised and discouraged so easily. In truth, however, it sometimes takes a setback to teach us to be more alert to danger. This card evokes a keen self-awareness and the knowledge that things are not as simple as they seem. Once you appreciate this, you can gain strength even from a complicated, painful experience.

Tarot Reading AB

Two of Wands

Two of Wands
Allow a process to unfold at its own pace, even if it's difficult for you to give up control.
The Two of Wands in this position suggests a person or a group that may not be particularly clear about goals and stalls the process by getting caught up in the tiniest details. Although this can feel agonizing to an ambitious person, it may be wise to accept this kind of hesitation as a necessary step.

The collective has yet to identify its highest interests. Not until people become sufficiently uncomfortable with the situation will anything significant happen. Others need time in which to assess the situation and act accordingly so refrain from getting hasty about trying to fix things. You may be faced with greater problems later on if you permit the group to proceed without adequate preparation. Buyer's remorse could be a problem if decisions are rushed.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

New blog design

Whats up everyone, Blogger team are bringing a new update and I'm already testing it.
The new design is fast, dynamic, flexible, easy. Better for blogsphere and blog lovers as me.

Hope you enjoy since that I'll be focusing on content, telling what's going with my life.
Big things are coming. I am loving every second that am here living.

Just want to share love and make change.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Three months of 2017

Três meses se passaram como planejado com o suporte fundamental da minha família.
eu nunca planejo o que eu vou sentir e o que vou escrever, isso fica sempre em aberto. tudo sempre pode mudar a cada segundo e eu amo estar à espera para o inesperado.

O que falar do que esta vindo? Pode ser grande demais para escrever. Mas é certo. É certo. Inevitável. Tomará os olhos do mundo, se eu acreditar, se você acreditar em mim. 

-- A

Be my believer, I'll be waiting you at the sunset...

Sunday, March 26, 2017



One, two, three, four...

"Future might be counted in grains of sand so don't waste your time. Don't let your life be conducted by the wind. Chase the top of the dune. You must to enjoy the good winds. Learn with the storms."


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Saturday, March 18, 2017

KaffeeNmusik #4 - Waiting (Coffee N Music / Arbmusik)

(e)COFFEENMUSIC launched their 4th video.
Feel free to enjoy nice instrumental music



Any support is appreciated if you want.
Check more COFFEE N MUSIC collection:


Music Catalogues

Hello again!
Some hours after my early post, Im back to present some changes. the music catalogues from Coffee N Music and Rossini Records are being available and rebuild. The distribution is running by BEO.



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